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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  November 19, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> here's what's coming up in the next half hour. the toll mounting as talks continue for a ceasefire between israel and hamas. >> barack obama becomes a first- inning president to visit burma. but >> lewis hamilton wins the u.s. grand prix.
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>> ban ki moon has arrived in cairo in support of the cease- fire between israel and hamas. >> the exiled leader of hamas says they must take the first up a bit want the truce in israel. they will consider a cease-fire in israel and their attacks and the siege of gaza. >> israel has bombed building and at least 90 people have been killed and some 700 wounded since the air strikes began. >> the bombardment of gaza continues. israeli defense forces are picking targets they say it are connected to palestinian militants. the billionaire also among the latest casualties. across the border in israel,
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ground troops are massing in preparations for a possible invasion. israel has no mobilize and 40,000 reservists. elsewhere, diplomats are attempting to broker a ceasefire. in jerusalem, middle east peace envoy tony blair met with perez to stop the rocket attacks. >> it is clear we do not have any ambition to gain an advantage but we just want to stop the fire. >> more than 1000 rockets have been fired from a hamas- controlled gaza into israel. the defense system has stopped most of the rockets and from entering your system, but not all. hamas has two demands, says their exile leader in cairo.
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israel must under bombardment and they must lift the blockade of the strip. he said it was israel's responsibility to stop the current conflict because it was them who started it. both sides remain firm that it is up to the other to stop the violence. another recipe for an imminent cease-fire. >> our jerusalem correspondent is now in gaza. we have her on the line. what is the situation where you are? >> the situation is difficult here. tonight, it's a bit more client -- quiet but it is disrupted by air strikes. shops are closed. people only go out if they really have to. because many shops are closed, the tunnels in the south are bombarded am not everything is
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available right now. we have learned over the past five years to only do the minimum that time and some gas stations are out of fuel. the main problems have to be casualties and hospitals working up the limit. this is part of the fact that even in normal times, they have to deal with basic shortages, electricity, and so one. again, what people told me is the psychological pressure that is very difficult. they say this is a very brutal time because of the constant bombardment because nowhere is safe. they just came out of a war four years ago. >> the foreign minister has arrived in israel. what do you think can be achieved? >> he comes as part of an international diplomatic effort to bring an end to the violence. he has spoken to the israeli
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foreign prime minister and prime minister netanyahu. i think all of these diplomats, the u.n. secretary-general, the french prime minister, these are only complementing the problem for those who have the situation with both sides. everyone here looks to the eu or the u.n. to broker a cease- fire. >> in cairo, the egyptian capital, and u.s. secretary general ban ki mon is arrived in cairo. >> basically said the negotiations are dangers between hamas in israel but they're still going on.
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he said there is hope that date would be successfully completed. this still has a difficult path ahead of them. it seems that both of them are still far away from each other. basically, hamas once a ceasefire and an opening of the gaza strip. israel is demanding a cease-fire and a tightening of the control of the gaza strip in order to have less weapons coming through. ban ki moon is coming to -- to try to help them and close this gap. president morsi and others will be moving on. >> we saw the press conference by the exiled hamas leader. do you think it has poured a bit of cold water on to the process?
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-- over the progress? >> they wanted to be under their conditions, not under it is really conditions. -- israeli conditions. >> in cairo, thank you for the update. joining us here in the studio, are middle eastern experts. michael, a lot of diplomatic efforts. how were they going? >> the israelis are very much aware of the difficulties, should there really invade the gaza strip. they will face a very strong opposition. public favors lot in their side should really be an onslaught. both of the israelis and hamas leadership wanted solution to the crisis that makes them appear as the winner of this bargain. i think we will see more
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difficult days ahead but i do not see any likelihood for the time being that they will really decide to invade gaza one more time. >> a lot has changed in the middle east over the last few days. how has the arabs bring influence the palestinian- israeli situation and? >> we have the muslim brotherhood in power now in cairo. it is a democratically involved government so it is very difficult for anyone to say they do not want to do business with these people. it does not make sense to continue negotiating discussions with the egyptian government and not talk to hamas which is really a branch from the same tree. hamas is the political winner because the arab countries, they are all in support of hamas. it would be very difficult in the long run three europeans and americans to continue to ignore
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hamas. so this attack is really put israel in a more difficult position in terms of proper relations in terms of public perception in western countries. >> how likely do you think is it that president barack obama could use his second term in office for a new initiative for peace? >> many people in the middle east to do hope that he will pressure the israeli government to be more tolerant towards the palestinians because there is a strong need for a palestinian state to come into being. there have been negotiations going on for 20 years now but no palestinian state in sight. whether you are a model school or -- at a radical or moderate palestinian, this violence will continue and many more people are going to die on both sides. >> thank you for your analysis of all ways.
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>> the crisis in the middle east is unsettling the european union. in response, the foreign and defense ministers held talks in brussels to agree on a course of action. "they're calling on hamas to end the airstrike on israel. they are urging both sides of the conflict not to endanger civilian lives. >> the eu foreign policy chief, the current middle east a flare- up, they cannot be resolved without a long-term answer. >> we have to find a way to prevent the kind of violent rocket attacks that we have been seeing and also bring security and peace to the region. it's it's absolutely into what the eu has consistently said about a two-state solution. >> france and germany have also been using other diplomatic clout to try to broker a cease- fire. >> we have to do everything in
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our power to stop the killing and reach a cease-fire. we're working together with the united nations and our european partners. germany has a special role in the region and we will live up to our responsibilities. eu ministers called on hamas tusis rocket attacks on israel immediately. then they said negotiations could get under way. the stakes are high and the deployment of israeli ground forces and syria now threatening the stability of the entire region. >> the situation is incredibly serious. there is a danger that is spreading and control throughout the region, and afraid to say. >> with that in mind, the german foreign minister left the talks prematurely to catch a flight to israel. what's the international monetary fund is urging european governments to take a loss on their holdings of greek government bonds. the imf says the the only way to
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make grease solvent. >> the move is unpopular in a number of countries, including germany. taking a loss on a greek debt, or a hair cut, is illegal. the director of the imf will be having a talk with eurozone finance ministers. "she came to the philippines to talk about the asian economy, but even in manila, christina guard was unable to escape the eurozone debt crisis -- cristina lagard could not escape the debr crisis. the greek debt is expected to spiral to nearly 180% by the end of this year. by next year, it could be pushing 190%. the head of the imf has suggested that greece may require another write-down on its mountain of debt. >> it's a question of working
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hard, cutting your mind to it, making sure that we focus on the same objective, which is that the country in particular, greece, cannot continue on this unsustainable basis. >> europe is split on whether that is the right course of action. some argue agree should be given more time to get their finances in order, but doing that would come at a hefty price. >> moving to the markets now of the latest discussions on greece did not seem to influence investors. >> markets have a strong start this week. we have this report from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> on the floor of the frankfurt exchange, they are more often as --optimistic on greece. they believed greece will get the next rescue payments. the germans dax wiped out almost all its losses from last week. there are promising signs in the
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u.s. that both parties are coming closer in budget talks. shares of this construction company is looking for more power out of their german parents and traders are speculating on that break up. >> a quick look at some market numbers. the dax ending at 7123. the dow jones is currently up 1.3% and the euro is trading at $1.2802. >> there close to a deal that could ensure the survival of the airline, but it could mean major cuts. the carrier will scrap over one- third of its work force. some salaries will be slashed for those who stay on as they are showing to compete with a budget airlines like ryan air.
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their only missing one signature on the deal. coming up after the break, barack obama putting relations with southeast asia and on the top of his agenda. >> stick around. >> you decide what you want to watch. all the images, all the
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programs, the whole package. dw on the internet. media center on she likes it. he likes it. andy you will, too. dw on facebook. share what's important to you. >> welcome back. u.s. president barack obama has held what u.s. officials say was a tense meeting with the cambodian prime minister. obama is reported to muddle the prime minister that the their human rights record was an impediment to ties with the u.s.. >> he also praised the their free and fair elections. he is terribly korean -- he is currently touring southeast asia and earlier today visited burma. >> they lined the streets in the thousands for a glimpse of the united states president.
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bordet's, have been sprucing up the city. his first thought was the old parliament building. at his meeting, he offered encouragement for their transition to democracy. >> nobody is perfect. hopefully we will move this country forward. >> dr. words, he went on to make the pro-democracy leader and nobel laureate. she said burma still have a long way to go. >> it was difficult to have any transition. success is in sight. we have to be very careful that we are not hurt by success. >> he came to help advance the democratic process, but the u.s. is also looking at their economic influence in the region. there was no mention of that in the president's address to the newly reopened win university. there was an impassioned plea
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for the reform process to continue -- in ram lagoon university. >> the right for people to assemble together must now be fully respected. instead of being stifled, the veil of media censorship must continue to be lifted. >> it was a six-hour visit, but a historic one. obama continues his visit to the region in cambodia. >> turkey is expected to ask nato to deploy patriot deciles to protect them from attacks from syria. the nato country has been able to provide such results are the u.s., the netherlands, and germany. >> there fearing german forces could be drawn into the serious conflict. what's the fighting has been inching closer for months and now the syrian regime is fighting rebels meters away from
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the border with turkey. there pushing for the creation of a buffer zone and some of the partners are getting ready to help. >> for 45 years, germany was the main beneficiary of nato solidarity. if a member makes a request, we are ready and willing to help. >> that help could take the form of misfiles capable of shooting down warplanes or rockets. the u.s., the netherlands, and germany are the only was with the latest patriot systems. german soldiers could be deployed to the syrian border. they say it is a delicate balancing act. >> to have to carefully consider a responsibility to our nato allies while ensuring in germany does not get drawn into a serious civil war. -- syria and a civil war. >> the german armed forces
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getting caught up in an intervention in syria, it is simply absurd. this is about a nato member state that may ask for assistance. >> the opposition says parliament must have the final say on any deployment. have not yet decided if they would support such a move. >> we go now to our political correspondent cometary markham for analysis. does this now mean we could soon see german military shooting down syrian warplanes? >> that scenario is not completely impossible, but i think it is highly unlikely. for that to happen, syria would have to effectively launch an air campaign against turkey, and nato partner. i think i would really be a breach too far for damascus. on the other hand, i think there is a good chance that german
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patriot missile systems could end up getting stationed on the turkish-syrian border. germany has indicated they will -- turkey has indicated they will be requesting the systems and germany is only one of three countries that can offer them. >> where is the opposition standing on this? >> the social democrats say that any deployment of german of patriot missile systems would require parliamentary approval. the point being that german troops would probably accompany the misfiles. the second largest opposition party in parliament, the left, there categorically opposed to the deployment of the german patriot domiciles. they say it would simply fanning the flames of war. the third opposition party, the green party, they're concerned that any deployment of the patriot missile system could be a prelude to an imposition of a no-fly zone by nato and they say
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that would require the u.n. security council approval. >> thank you very much for the analysis. >> we heard earlier in the show about the latest developments in gaza and israel and how the german foreign minister has travelled there. >> the middle east also dominating at a conference in berlin by the euro mediterranean organization, aid organizations set up to promote economic the element between germany and countries of the arab world. >> this poses potential problems for german firms. >> egypt has a lot of natural gas. that is really a attracting some investors to the country including this german engineering firm that runs several chemical factories in egypt. bmw also runs a production facility just outside of cairo. overall, german industries have
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been relatively modest that just 470 million euro per year. countries like china and turkey have a much stronger presence. >> the size of the german economy and the importance of the egyptian markets and tail that we have to work harder to increase the amount. 600 is important, but we would like to see more german investment in supporting egypt's, invest in supporting democracy. >> political events have been featured at the root conference, not only the arabs bring an opportunity in the region but also the current escalation of the israeli-palestinian conflict. it could complicate german- egyptian cooperation. what's the question as to what extent germany and the european union cannot, or want, to get involved in this conflict.
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it's interesting and the answer will depend on the latest development in the interests of the new political power is in the region. >> delegates at the conference expressed the hope that the german foreign minister can help to bring about a peaceful solution while he is in the middle east. >> coming up, the formula one world championship going down to the wire. the battle now moving to the final race of the season in sao paulo. >> more on that in a minute, but first roundup of other stories making news. colombian rebels have declared a two month truce. this comes as the group will begin. peace talks with the government. the top negotiators say there army would continue to fight until a peace deal is signed. >> there have been clashes in
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the democratic republic of congo and the u.n. reporting gunfire in and around the city of goma. drc government rejected peace talks. they say rwanda is stoking the peace and rest. >> a team of astronauts from the international space station has made it safely back to work. the capsule landed in kazakhstani with a russian, american, and japanese crewmember all reported to be in good health ending their four month mission in space. now to sports where it is shaping up to be a real nail biter in formula one. this year's title will be decided in the final race of the season. >> it is a two-man race. neither of them were faster than louis hamilton in austin, texas, in the mclaren. >> louis hamilton taking the it
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checkered flag. he was looking at the positives. what i'm very happy today for the team in particular. it is a fantastic championship. thanks to all of you. >> he started from the pole position and led for much of the race. his rival was pressing hard. the furry driver started from some of on the grid. alonzo moved into third after the red bull teammate dropped out with a terrible problem. the title was blown wide open. he fell onto the lead until lap 42. second place hamilton kept up the pressure and overtook him with just 14 laps remaining. the drivers' title will be decided next sunday at the season finale in brazil. >> the american music awards,
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the recording industry's best night, were handed out in los angeles. there was a certain canadian teenage heartthrob. >> and justin bieber. >> he took home three awards including artist of the year. he took the stage to except that trophy and he brought along his mother. other winners including taylor swift and usher. go canada! [laughter] >> that is it for the moment. you can find more news on our web site groupon stay tuned. -- on our website, stay tuned.
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